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Travel Information

Travel Information

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Valid for flights: to Larnaca via Vienna and return as of April 01st, 2019 until April 19th, 2019 (final date for return flight) on scheduled flights operated by Austrian Airlines.

IMPORTANT: Austrian Airlines increased the capacities of their flights to Cyprus on the 27th and the 28th of May by putting a bigger plane (around 50 additional seats every day). Thus, at this moment there is availability on these flights into Cyprus. Furthermore, in case that these flights get full soon, they may put in one additional night flight on the 27th and one on the 28th of May, as well as for the return flights on the 1st and 2nd of June.


Cyprus has two (2) airports:

  • The Larnaca International Airport, which is located about 5km (3 miles) from Larnaca and 142 km (88 miles) from Paphos. For more information, maps and flight schedules please visit the Cyprus Airports Official Website (Larnaca).

    Larnaca Airport is served by most major European airlines. Frequent routes are performed by British Airways (every day from London), Austrian Airlines (every day from Vienna), LOT (5 days per week from Warsaw, Poland), Lufthansa (every day from Munich, 4 times per week from Frankfurt), Aegean (multiple times per day from Athens), Norwegian Air shuttle (4 days a week from Oslo), SAS Scandinavian (every day from Stockholm), Alitalia (three days per week from Rome). 

    Larnaca Airport is also served frequently by low-cost airlines. Wizz Air travels to Larnaca from a number of European cities including: Vienna-Austria (4 days per week), Sofia- Bulgaria (5 days per week), Budapest-Hungary (4 days per week) and Vilnius-Lithuania (2 days per week).  Ryanair flies from Brussels (two days per week). Blue Air in May flies to a number of European cities such as: Paris-France (two days per week), Nice-France (2 days per week), Barcelona-Spain (2 days per week), Valencia-Spain (2 days per week).

    All airlines that serve Larnaca can be found here:

  • The Paphos International Airport, which is located about 15km (9 miles) from Paphos and 142 km (88 miles) from Larnaca. For more information, maps and flight schedules please visit the Cyprus Airports Official Website (Paphos).

    Paphos Airport is served mostly by low-cost airlines.

    Ryanair in May flies three days per week from Sofia-Bulgaria, Budapest-Hungary, Bucharest-Romania and two days per week from Dublin-Ireland, Milan-Italy, Riga-Latvia, Tallinn-Estonia, Berlin-Germany, Kiev-Ukraine, Krakow-Poland.

    Jet2 connects a number of cities in the UK to Paphos: Leeds (3 days per week), Manchester (5 days per week), Edinburgh (2 days per week), Glasgow (2 days per week), Newcastle (2 days per week)

    Cyprus Airways flies to Paphos from Prague (2 days per week), and every day from Beirut and Tel Aviv.

    Transavia flies from Amsterdam (4 days per week).

    EasyJet flies from Scotland (2 days per week), Berlin (3 days per week), Bristol (3 days per week), Edinburgh (2 days per week), Manchester (every day of the week).

    Edelweis flies from Zurich to Paphos (2 days per week).

    Germania flies 2 days per week to Paphos from Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg.

    All airlines that serve Paphos can be found here:

There are a number of websites that collect travel options from airlines and produce available routes along with costs, duration, and connections such as:

The above information is only provided as a service to EAA members. EAA does not make any claims as to the information’s  completeness or accuracy nor does it directly or indirectly endorse the carriers or websites mentioned above.

More than 80 international airlines connect Cyprus to the whole world – see brochure.

Airport Transfers

Please note that participants have the following options for their transfers from/to the airport:

OPTION 1 –  Larnaca Airport to Paphos Airport Shuttle Service

Using: Kapnos Airport Shuttle

Kapnos Airport shuttle connects Larnaca Airport directly and frequently with Paphos Airport. In case you would like to use this option you have to make your reservation one day before your flight through or by calling at +357 24 008 718. The estimated time of journey is 90 minutes and it costs €15.

For more information, applicable rates and timetable please visit 

When you arrive at Paphos Airport you may use public bus number 612 to reach the main coastline hotels (e.g: Aliathon, Anabelle, Almyra, etc.). Please visit Paphos public buses (OSYPA) website for more information and timetable Otherwise you can get a taxi that will be around €25.00 to any of the hotels.

OPTION 2 – Larnaca Airport to Paphos Airport

Using: Public Buses

From Larnaca International Airport use the Limassol Airport Express coaches to reach Limassol city (last bus stop at “Saint George Havouzas”). For more information and timetable visit 

Afterwards, use the Intercity Buses to get to Paphos City (first bus stop at “Pervola – Karavela”). Kindly note that intercity bus service may not operate that frequently. Please visit their webpage for more information and drop off points:

You may then use Paphos public buses to reach the hotel venue and other hotels across Paphos coastline. For more information and timetable visit

OPTION 3 – Larnaca Airport to Paphos Hotels

Using: Travel Express

Travel express connects Larnaca International Airport with Paphos main hotels (e.g: Aliathon, Anabelle, Almyra, etc.), through an en route stop in Limassol. Kindly note that transfers take place with 8-seat mini buses and may make several stops en route.

The estimated time of journey is approximately 3 hours.

To use this option you have to make your online reservation in advance through

OPTION 4 – Larnaca Airport to Paphos Hotel

Using: TAXI

You can reserve your taxi through Easy Conferences or you can pick up a taxi upon arrival at Larnaca Airport.

OPTION 5 – Larnaca Airport to Paphos Hotel


You can reserve your car through Easy Conferences or hire a car at the Larnaca Airport upon Arrival