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Round Table on International and European Public Sector Accounting Standards

Round Table on International and European Public Sector Accounting Standards

Friday, 1st June 2018  –  11:00–12:30
Bocconi University – Velodromo – Room N35


IPSASs have attracted sustained attention and discussion as their application or local adaptations are increasingly proposed and/or brought forward. The debate around IPSASs has revolved around conceptual (can public sector accounting standards improve our knowledge of public value creation and maintenance?), practical (with topics like heritage asset recognition or pension liabilities, but more generally public value assessment, still representing unresolved issues) as well as political issues (who is legitimated to decide on public sector accounting standards?). IPSASB has recently launched its 2019-2023 overarching strategic objective, which will encompass two main areas of intervention: a) developing high-quality IPSAS and other financial reporting guidance for the public sector; and b) raising awareness of IPSAS and the benefits of accrual adoption. In parallel, the EU has embarked upon the ambitious project to develop and implement accruals based European Public Sector Accounting Standards for member States’ governments, based on IPSASs.

The panel will aim at advancing current reflections on accounting standard setting in the public realm, and contributing to the debate on public sector accounting standards, highlighting how such issues, which are often looked at separately, are actually profoundly intertwined.

The panel will adopt an open and participatory approach, whereby during the panel questions will be asked by chairs to speakers, who will have 5 minutes to respond. Participants to the panel will then act a discussants, having 2 minutes each to react.



Francesco Capalbo (Universita’ del Molise), Ileana Steccolini (Newcastle University London)


  • Ingeborg Gräßle, European Parliament, Chair of Committee on Budgetary Control, European Parliament

  • Christine Helliar, Australian Accounting Standards Board, Research Director

  • Ron Hodges, Emeritus Professor, Birmingham University

  • Alexandre Makaronidis, EPSAS Task Force Chair

  • Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger, IPSASB CAG Chair, Accountancy Europe Public Sector Group Chair

  • Bernard Schatz, IPSASB member, Austria

  • David Watkins, IPSASB Technical Advisor and former UK Head of Financial Reporting Policy