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Update on Corona

Covid-situation in Bergen (Norway) and on-site-covid-test for delegates travelling home where a test is needed

There are for the moment no restrictions regarding Covid-19 in Norway.
This means:

  • No restrictions, no tests, no need for a certificate at the airport when arriving.
    (Some airlines may require masks or covid-certificate etc. – so check with your airline)
  • No requirements for wearing a mask, no social distancing, no need for quarantine (if you get ill- you are ‘recommended’ to stay away from others) etc.

Norwegian authorities consider Covid-19 as a ‘normal’ disease. Most Norwegians have had covid, and are triple vaccinated.

This implies that the conference will not have any Covid restrictions; no mask requirements, no social distancing, no requirements for showing a covid-pass.
However we strongly recommend everyone with symptoms to stay away from the conference.
And of course: everyone who want to wear a mask should do so.


However, many countries still require that you have taken a recent Covid-19 test before re-entering your country. Hence, we offer on-site testing at discounted prices on Thursday and Wednesday

In partnership with NHH, Dr.Dropin offers all EAA´s participants covid tests at the conference ground (Grieghallen – room 304) on May 12th (11-17.30) and 13th (11-15.30). Digital certificate and printed if needed. Payment with credit-cards.
Express RT PCR including certificate NOK 1495 (ap. 150 Euro), Antigen/rapid test including certificate NOK 595 (ap. 60 Euro). Test results within 1-3 hours. If you need test after Friday; we suggest you take direct contact with Dr.Dropin in Grieghallen and make an appointment.