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Practical Information

Practical Information

Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: (UTC+02:00), from May to October it is Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+03:00).

The climate in Estonia is characterized by distinctive four seasons. A fairly cold winter, a cool spring with little rain, a moderately warm summer and a rainy autumn. However, summers often have weeks with around +30°C and winters weeks with around –25°C.

Weather in May
Average temperature in May is +10,1°C, but can differ hugely (usual minimum -4°C at night, maximum +28°C at noon). Weather in May can be surprising, changing from winter cold to summer hot. Usually cool to warm, mostly sunny, windy, with occasional stormy days. Bring variety of clothes.

The currency in Estonia is Euro. Main world currencies can be exchanged in bank offices. Visa and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere, including farmers’ market and some taxicabs. Eurocard, Diner’s and AmEx are significantly less popular. ATMs are frequent, located on the streets and in shopping centres. Estonia is generally cheaper than Western Europe, but in touristy areas (say Tallinn’s Old Town), prices may be at Scandinavian levels.

The electricity current is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz, European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Wireless internet is widely available in Estonia , with especially good coverage in cities. In Tallinn free internet is partly provided by the city and is everywhere – in Old Town, parks, pubs, hotels, buses, public institutions, beaches etc. Most cafes, restaurants, hotels, city centres and tourist attractions have free WiFi all over Estonia.

To call Tallinn from abroad, dial your international access code and 372 for Estonia and then the telephone number. To call abroad from Estonia, dial 00 and the country code. The GSM mobile phone system in 3G is available; please check compatibility with your operator.

Crime rate in Estonia is quite comparable to the other North European states.

In Tallinn, petty crime is a problem, mainly pickpocketing (especially in the markets). Tallinn Old City, harbors and other tourist attractions are thus closely watched by police and private security. The Estonian police are effective and proven not corrupt.

The main advice is to stay reasonably sober despite tempting alcohol prices and keep ordinary caution as a visitor.

The official language is Estonian which is very close to Finnish. Most people in urban areas speak English and Russian well. Half of Tallinn natives speak Russian as their native language. Finnish and German are also understood and spoken.