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Your city for the congress week is the capital of Estonia. Tallinn has around 400,000 inhabitants and is one of the major ports on the Baltic Sea and thus important hub of the European Union. Tallinn has always had active cultural and business relationships with neighbours – Finnish, Swedish and Russian languages can be frequently heard on the streets.

Tallinn has the crisp and noble atmosphere of a Nordic capital, being that for one of the smallest nations in Europe with their own language and country. The city has rich cultural scene, beautiful surroundings and plenty of galleries, cafes and restaurants of many kinds to welcome visitors.

Tallinn is known for its superbly preserved medieval city centre. The cobblestoned and red-roofed Old Town has its own authentic limestone architecture and is a very pleasing and friendly place to wander around, especially in late spring, when the days are long and it stays light in the nights.

Tallinn skyline is distinctly visible from the sea with new skycrapers forming a pack with the spires of the old churches. Modern Tallinn has evolved around the town heart as a blend of modern and Soviet style urban environment with a mixture of shops, businesses, restaurants, hotels and apartment blocks that you would expect to find in any European medium-sized city.

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