Call for nominations

Stakeholder Reporting Committee

After three years of its establishment, the Stakeholder Reporting Committee (SRC) is looking for candidates to cover vacancies and organise the necessary turnover in some of the current members.

The mission of the committee is to actively participate in the debate about how organisations can, and should, inform their wide range of stakeholders about their activities, including their impact on society and planet. It focuses on the non-financial or sustainability reporting. Further, given that non-financial information is increasingly attracting the interest of policy makers and standard setters, our committee also aims to create awareness of the policy issues amongst our membership, and to collaborate with policy makers and standard setters with a view to allowing the academic community’s research expertise to have an impact on emerging policies and standards.

In line with the EAA governance guidelines (, the Chair and the Members are appointed for a 3-year term, renewable once.

The composition of the Committee should reflect – as far as possible – the diversity of the EAA community, for example in terms of (but not limited to) gender, age, and geographical affiliation. The committee should also reflect a diverse range of research perspectives.

Prior expertise in terms of research and policy commitments related to sustainability reporting is welcome. A suitable candidate is also expected to work collegially within the SRC and with other EAA Committees. All members of the Committee should be current EAA members.

Please submit your application via email to Baha Diyarov ( including: (1) your updated CV (2) a motivation letter indicating why you are applying for the position and containing a brief explanation of why you consider yourself to be qualified for the position.

The deadline to submit your application is December 1, 2023. In keeping with the EAA’s Governance Guidelines, this call for applications is the first stage in the selection process. Following a review of the applications, the EAA Management Committee will, in collaboration with the Chair, select and appoint the members of the Committee.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the SRC Chair Begoña Giner at

Standing Scientific Committee

The European Accounting Association’s Standing Scientific Committee (SSC) advises on the scientific programme of the EAA Annual Congress, reviewing the submitted papers and setting up the parallel sessions. Each member of the SSC is responsible for a specific category of Accounting research (for the categories, see and will contribute to identify the reviewers to be invited as part of the Scientific Committee; assign the papers submitted to EAA to relevant reviewers; make the final decisions on inclusion in the programme; and define the parallel sessions of the EAA congress.

The EAA is inviting new candidates for the role of SEE member of the SSC, responsible for the papers in Social and Environmental Accounting & Ethical issues in Accounting. The new member will serve for a 3 year-period (2024-2027).

Applications should include:

  • a current curriculum vitae and
  • a brief motivation statement (no more than 300 words).

The appointment will follow the EAA’s Governance Guidelines. Following the review of the applications, the SSC will make a recommendation to the EAA Management Committee, which will appoint the new SSC member.

If you or one of your colleagues have an interest, please send a motivation letter and current CV to Baha Diyarov before 15 January 2024.

External Relations Committee

The European Accounting Association’s External Relations Committee is the EAA’s window to the other accounting associations, accounting firms, industry associations, corporates, standard setting bodies (in cooperation with the Financial Reporting Standards Committee and Stakeholder Reporting Committee) and other potential sponsors and collaborators.

The EAA is inviting new candidates for the its External Relations Committee (ERC). We are looking for two colleagues who are willing to work with the Committee’s Chair and other two members and serve for a 3 year-period (2024-2026). Applications should include:

  • a current curriculum vitae and
  • a brief motivation statement (no more than 300 words).

In keeping with the EAA’s Governance Guidelines, this call for applications is the first stage in the selection process. Following a review of the applications, eligible applicants will be invited for an interview. Finally, the ERC will make a recommendation to the EAA Management Committee, which will appoint the new ERC members.

New committee members will be approved by the EAA Management Committee. If you or one of your colleagues have an interest, please send a motivation letter and current CV to Catalin Albu ( before January 15, 2024.

Accounting Resources Centre

The EAA Accounting Resources Centre (ARC) is the one-stop place for research and teaching resources, career development guidance, and networking opportunities. The ARC’s goal is to stimulate research productivity, inspire educators, expand the accounting community, enhance the exchange of ideas, and improve high-quality team collaboration.

The EAA is looking for a new Social Media Manager who will be in charge of the social media activities including a holistic social media strategy – not only of the EAA ARC but of the European Accounting Association as a whole. Communication through social media is becoming more and more important, and its effective management can significantly contribute to the ongoing success of the ARC as well as of the Association.

Specific qualifications for being Social Media Manager of the EAA are:

  • Very good communications skills
  • Having been an EAA member for at least two years
  • A demonstrable interest and high level of knowledge in using social media including, being active on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram
  • Familiarity or high interest with blog postings and content scheduling
  • Ability to work in a timely and constructive manner with the ARC team and other EAA Committees on social media matters

In keeping with the EAA’s Governance Guidelines, this call for applications is the first stage in the selection process. Please send your application via email to Baha Diyarov ( by 15 January 2024.

Applications should include:

  • a current curriculum vitae and
  • a brief memo describing your relevant qualifications to the extent that they are not apparent from the CV (no more than 150 words).

Following a review of the applications, eligible applicants will be invited for an interview. Finally, the ARC Committee will make a recommendation to the EAA Management Committee, which will appoint the new EAA Social Media Manager.

For more information, please contact the Chair of the EAA ARC Committee, Tami Dinh (