Public Sector Accounting

The mission of the Public Sector Accounting Committee is to embed public sector accounting in the core of the accounting ecosystem by providing a nexus between academics, research networks, practitioners and standard setters in the public sector accounting arena, to promote high-quality research, standard-setting and public financial management and policymaking.


Chair Sandra COHEN (2024-2027)  Athens University of Economics and Business
Members Eugenio ANESSI-PESSINA (2024-2027) Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Isabel BRUSCA (2024-2026) University of Saragossa
Susana JORGE (2024-2026) University of Coimbra
Marifrancesca SICILIA (2024-2027) University of Bergamo


Area of Focus Contact information

The main objectives of the PSAC are:

(a) to facilitate and promote public sector accounting research;

(b) to participate – also through ad-hoc task forces – in public consultation processes that are relevant to public sector accounting and public sector accounting standard-setting (e.g. IPSASB Exposure Drafts);

(c) to network with other public sector accounting research groups and communities; and

(d) to plan and organize online activities and Symposia at the EAA conference for discussing timely topics and stimulating debates between academics and practitioners.

Anyone interested in volunteering to work with the PSAC or wanting information about it is invited to contact the chairperson, Sandra Cohen