Education Committee

Statement of Purpose

Education is at the centre of the European Accounting Association (EAA) membership base, playing a strategic role in our organisation’s activities. The newly formed Education Committee positions itself as thought leaders in the field, developing innovative accounting education as well as facilitating cutting-edge practices in pedagogy, technology and contents. The Education Committee will disseminate such practices among the EAA members and the accounting community at large.

Education Committee members

Chair Anastasia KOPITA (2021-2024) University of Warwick
Members Gia CHEVIS (2020-2025) Baylor University
Jose DUTRA (2020-2024) University of Sao Paulo
Greg STONER (2020-2025) Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
Liz WARREN (2020-2023) University of Greenwich
Adrian ZICARI (2020-2023) ESSEC Business School