National Associations Initiative

For many years, the EAA has been reaching out to other national and regional associations of accounting academics. We keep adding new partners and agreements in order to strengthen the EAA’s network and provide exchange opportunities and other benefits for EAA members.

Areas of focus Volunteering opportunities  Contact information
  • engagement with national groups of academics and PhD students;
  • establishing partnership with national organisations
  • establishing contact with local communities of academics and students;
  • presenting the EAA initiatives in local /national events
Contact Sebastian Becker, Management Committee Member in charge, for more information –

The EAA has made agreements with the following National Organisations:

Africa: AAFA – The African Accounting and Finance Association

Brazil: ANPCONT – Associação Nacional dos Programas de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Contabéis

Canada: CAAA – Canadian Academic Accounting Association

France: AFC – Association Francophone de Comptabilité http://www.afc-cca.

India: IAA – Indian Accounting Association

Ireland: IAFA – Irish Accounting and Finance Association

Italy: SIDREA – Società Italiana dei docenti di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale

Portugal: GRUDIS – Portuguese Network of Accounting Research https://www.grudis

Spain: ASEPUC – Asociación Española de Profesores Universitarios de Contabilidad

United Kingdom: BAFA – British Accounting and Finance Association