Virtual Activities Committee

Statement of Purpose

The presence of the EAA in the virtual space has become strategic for all EAA activities and roles. The Virtual Activities Committee positions itself as the enabler that will enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of the EAA benefits to a wider audience on a global scale.

Virtual Activities Committee members

Chair Giovanna MICHELON   (2020-2026)   University of Bristol


Chaoyuan SHE (2021-2024) University of Essex
Yasemin KARAIBRAHIMOGLU (2022-2025) University of Groningen
Irma MALAFRONTE (2022-2025) University of Roehampton
Evisa MITROU (2020-2026) Queen Mary University of London
Marco TROMBETTA (2022-2025) IE Business School
Alessandro GHIO (2021-2024) Laval University
David WANG (2021-2024) DePaul University
Oana APOSTOL (2021-2024) Tampere University
Nicolas GARCIA TOREA (2021-2024) University of Burgos
Elisavet MANTZARI (2021-2026) University of Birmingham
Michelle CARR (2021-2026) University College Cork
Emeline DENEUVE (2024 -2027) HEC Montreal
Antonio DE VITO (2024 -2027) University of Bologna
Facundo MERCADO (2024 -2027) University of Warwick
Yinuo PAN (2024 -2027) University of Edinburgh
Ann TANK (2024 -2027) University of Groningen
Fengzhi ZHU (2024 -2027) University of Glasgow
Ekaete EFRETUEI (2024-2027) Liverpool John Moores University