Symposia Committee

Symposia are flagship sessions of the EAA Annual Congress, as they feature topical themes and attract a large number of delegates. They are coordinated and decided upon by a Symposia Committee, which includes one EAA MC member, one LOC member, the SSC chair and the External Relations Committee Chair. An invitation to submit symposia proposals is shown permanently on the EAA website and advertised in the EAA Newsletter. In addition, the symposia committee will directly solicit proposals in due time.

Chair Ariela CAGLIO Bocconi University
Members Catalin ALBU External Relations Committee Chair
Andrei Filip Local Organising Committee member 2024


Areas of Focus

Volunteering Opportunities

Contact Information

  • coordinating the activities related to the organization of the symposia;
  • soliciting proposals for symposia;
  • deciding on the final list of symposia (subject to the approval of the Management Committee);
  • deciding on the Editors Panel theme and composition.
EAA members can contribute by proposing and organising symposia to be held at the annual congress, following the EAA Congress Symposia Guidelines.




Contact Ariela Caglio Chair, for more information via