Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The role of the Committee will be to support the Management Committee in fostering and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the Association and its activities.

The main tasks of the DEIC will be to:

  1. support the Management Committee (MC) in promoting and executing DEI-related activities;
  2. inform the MC of DEI best-practices and make recommendations;
  3. take care of the DEI space and repository on the EAA website;
  4. support the MC in developing DEI guidelines;
  5. promote and host DEI-related activities;
  6. establish a communication channel with members on DEI-related matters.
Chair Ekaete EFRETUEI (2024-2027)  Liverpool John Moores University
Members Nadia ALBU (2024-2027) Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Domenico CAMPA (2024-2027) International University of Monaco
Charles H. CHO (2024-2026) Schulich School of Business, York University
Nadia GULKO (2024-2027) University of Lincoln
Yu Flora KUANG (2024-2027) The University of Melbourne
Irma MALAFRONTE (2024-2026) University of Roehampton
Elisavet MANTZARI (2024-2026) University of Birmingham
Naser MAKAREM (2024-2027) University of Aberdeen
Partha MOHAPATRA (2024-2027) California State University – Sacramento
Timur UMAN (2024-2027) Jönköping University
Ana CONCEIÇÃO (2024-2027) ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa


Priorities and progress


For more information, please contact the DEI Committee Chair, Ekaete EFRETUEI (E.E.Efretuei@ljmu.ac.uk).

Please leave your suggestion in the contact form.