Doctoral Colloquium Committee

The EAA Doctoral Colloquium (DC) has established itself as a core element in the doctoral training of aspiring accounting scholars in Europe. It seeks to provide a platform for promising doctoral students from diverse fields in accounting research and different backgrounds to interact in a unique environment, connecting both with their future colleagues and with leading faculty across a variety of intellectual traditions. The main objectives of the DC are:

(a) To promote European PhD education in accounting;
(b) to provide students who are particularly promising with feedback on their work in progress and to support them in producing a PhD dissertation of high quality;
(c) to allow such students to learn from, and network with, each other as well as the DC faculty; and
(d) to promote the breadth of European accounting research in terms of topics and methodologies.

The DC is convened by three co-chairs, who select the DC faculty and students and report to the EAA Management Committee. More information on the structure and governance of the EAA DC can be found here

Information on past and upcoming DCs is here.

The DC co-chairs are listed below:

Co-Chairs  Joachim GASSEN (2019-2025)  Humboldt University Berlin
Andrea MENNICKEN (2021-2024)  London School of Economics
Alexandra VAN DEN ABBEELE (2021-2024) KU Leven