Turbocharge Your Accounting Classes with ChatGPT: A Game-Changing AI Tool!

Sep 14, 2023
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The EAA Education Committee is glad to announce a new education event: “Turbocharge Your Accounting Classes with ChatGPT: A Game-Changing AI Tool!”.

When: September 14, 2023, 11:00-12:30 AM Brussels time


As generative AI continues transforming (some might say: disrupting) higher education, many accounting educators may feel lost and anxious about meaningfully integrating ChatGPT, Bing Chat, or Bard into their teaching and their students’ learning.

Let us help you demystify generative AI in the context of accounting education and dive with us into this engaging session tailored to you! We will delve into the multifaceted applications of ChatGPT, a chatbot that uses natural language processing, to redefine and enrich the accounting educational landscape. We will cover the following topics:

Learning with AI – Student perspective

Dive into tangible examples of how students can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into their academic arsenal, including techniques for generating practice questions and ways students can utilize ChatGPT as a learning companion to unpack complex accounting concepts.


Teaching with AI – Educator Perspective

Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize communication with students, course materials, improving exams and case studies. We will discuss best practices for students and educators, ensuring a seamless, enriched, and forward-thinking academic experience.


All hands on deck – How to construct a useful prompt

Learn and apply various prompting techniques and strategies to guide and direct ChatGPT towards meaningful and applicable responses. In this part of the workshop, you will learn how to construct (or “engineer”) prompts which will also help you understand what generative AI can and cannot do at this point in time.


Session Chair: David Derichs (Aalto University)


Presenters: Máté Széles (Tilburg University) and Gerhard Kristandl (University of Greenwich)


Máté Széles is an Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, working on executive compensation research. As a visiting researcher at the University of Utah, he was involved in Management Accounting courses at the MBA and Executive MBA levels. Máté has yearslong experience with online education and has been hired to deliver training sessions for teaching assistants, finance-, and accounting faculty. He has been teaching Accounting for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovations (BSc) at Tilburg University, for which he received the Talent of the Year Award in 2023. He has been passionate about guiding his students in integrating generative AI into their learning and has held various sessions for academics to incorporate these tools into their teaching.

Gerhard Kristandl is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Technology-Enhanced Learning at the University of Greenwich, UK. A recognized thought leader in the application of generative AI to teaching and learning, he is a sought-after speaker at national and international forums dedicated to this burgeoning field. His commitment to hands-on, experiential learning is evidenced by the multiple accolades he has received from students and faculty alike. Leveraging an extensive background in management and technology consulting, Gerhard shares his insights and vision across various platforms, including LinkedIn and his dedicated YouTube channel.

Education’s future isn’t on the horizon; it’s right here. Harness the potential of AI and redefine traditional teaching methods. Register here today and experience firsthand how AI can reshape your accounting class.


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